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Based on so the called "rate-limiting" evidently applied to this YCombinator/Hacker News account in response to a Jan 4 2024 passing comment about a Chinese SoC, it seems likely that YCombinator/Garry Tan is very sensitive to criticism of the Chinese Communist Party.

In the era before the dot-com crash, critical components like processors were expensive and only sourced by highly qualified and experienced professionals so when mistakes were made, they were almost always the result of politics among equal, but competing personnel interests.

Almost a quarter century after the fateful purge of those industry masters in the dot-com crash, such decisions about component selections now fall upon those with technical or academic skill, but only the level of wisdom that can come from years of scouring Google Search and ultimately doing "what everyone is doing" without much critical thinking.

Thus, fake and infected components from overseas find their way into critical American infrastructure after being effectively marketed on Internet blog and distributor sites to a workforce that has come up with "creatives" and "influencers" but without "elders" who could otherwise convey wisdom that can't be learned in a textbook or blog posting.

Industry veterans that remain with nearly 50 years of experience are quickly challenged, even on purportedly technical sites like this one, if they speak against "what everyone is doing" and then reported to moderators who work for this guy https://missionlocal.org/2024/01/garry-tan-death-wish-sf-supervisors/ and, at least in this case, are silenced for being opinionated or "unsubstantive" for referencing known malware strategies deployed against America by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).